Welcome to a new era.

Steps into the future of medical aesthetic appliances. Genesis, the first device to incorporate Smartdrivity® the technology. A Fusion of four technologies in combination with the pharmacological effect of exclusively developed products, making it the most complete and advanced device for any type of aesthetic treatment.

What are the benefits of Smartdrivity® technology?

The combination of four technologies synergistically generates a biological effect on tissues.

Firstly, conditioning and then providing deep nourishment. Smartdrivity enables a wide range of treatments delivered through multi-functional attachments and products, simplifying the work of the professional and maximizing the treatments that can be delivered.

Genesis is a multi-factor, multi-level and multi zone device that can be used for specific treatments on sensitive skin, cleavage, skin with erythema or redness, wrinkles, stretch marks or scars.

It provides 44 preset programs and a free program that allows professionals to design and personalize their own treatment based on their experience.

Genesis is characterized by the simplicity of its menu, it’s touchscreen, and its compact size, making it the perfect ally of any center.

Genesys offers three types of treatments that adapt to the needs of the patient.

Flash treatment consisting of individual sessions designed as an expressed tissue stimulator, bringing the tissues extra energy and achieving immediate results.

Intensive treatment the intensive body treatments consist of 10 sessions, four of which stimulate and nourish the tissues and in the last six overstimulating the tissues bringing them extra energy and increasing permeability. The intensive facial treatments consist of six sessions.

To finalize the maintenance, treatment is to be carried out every 15 or 30 days, helping to prolong the obtained results. Favoring the tissue auto regeneration and inducing extra energy.

Capacitive radio frequency plus LED.

Capacitive diathermy with lead is a regenerative diathermy used at low power and designed to act at the cellular level without increasing the temperature of the treatment zone.

The high intensity red LED boosts fibroblast activity and tissue stimulation to regenerate collagen and elastin while eliminating collagenases, the enzyme responsible for collagen decomposition.

Its main benefits are based on stimulating collagen and elastin, promoting biochemical processes, activating metabolism, accelerating tissue repair, and strengthening blood vessels.

The most important of its myriad applications include the stimulation of reflexology drainage points, sensitive skin with couperosis and redness, stretch marks, scars, acne damage in post-surgical treatments.

Capacitive radio frequency.

The principal action of capacitive diathermy is to increase the temperature of the top and middle layers of the skin. The dielectric effect is produced by friction and the oscillation of water molecules.

The higher temperature promotes fibroblast migration, increasing collagen, elastin and reticulon synthesis, and inducing tissue restructuring and re densification.

Its main benefits are based on boosting fibroblast activity, increasing Vaso dilation, and promoting tissue oxygenation. New collagenesis and tissue regeneration.

Capacitive diathermy has many indications. The most important of which are improving flaccidity wrinkles, devitalized tissues, post acne, scarring, post pregnancy abdomen, and reshaping the figure.

Resistive radio frequency.

Resistive diathermy acts by heating the tissue in a deep and controlled manner, triggering multiple reactions in the dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue. This heating facilitates micro circulation and drainage. It is a very effective technology for treating fatty and fibrotic tissues.

Its main indications are based on increasing deep blood flow, facilitating drainage, increasing lipolysis, and inhibiting adipogenesis as well as stimulating collagen and elasticity.

The most important of its multiple applications include treatments for localized fat, Cellulite, post surgical processes such as liposuction, fluid retention, placidity and reshaping the figure.

Smart transcutaneous drive.

This is a technology based on electrophoresis, a system of transcutaneous delivery with scientific evidence corroborating the release and dosing of active ingredients in deep layers of the skin.

It guarantees maximum penetration of active ingredients through the adnexal and trans epidermal routes up to 1200% more active ingredients to the epidermis and 4000% more to the dermis.


with the aim of obtaining the best results, mesoesthetic has designed four concentrated, easily absorbed boosters that provide profound tissue nourishment and supply the necessary nutrients for maximum efficacy.

G1 Balancer is a single dose booster with a high concentration of active ingredients of low molecular weight that induce collagen and elastin synthesis producing deep hydration. The therapeutic properties prepare the skin for any type of surgical procedure. Accelerating tissue repair its most important indications include first- and second-degree anti-aging, eye contour anti-aging, pre surgical and cell rebalancing treatments.

G2 Regenerant’s is a booster with a high concentration of active ingredients of low molecular weight that activate and accelerate skin repair mechanisms, thanks to its therapeutic properties, it improves the skin’s healing capacity and boost tissue regeneration. It’s most important indications include third and 4th degree Anti-aging and post-surgical treatments.

G3 Smoother is a booster with a high concentration of niosomic active ingredients to enhance absorption. Thanks to its therapeutic properties, it reduces both tactile internal sensitivity and it reduces and prevents inflammation while also strengthening the capillaries and calming the skin, its most important indications include skin with redness or couperose and anti-aging treatments for sensitive.

G4 push up and lift is a booster with a high concentration of firming active ingredients that accelerate collagen and elastin synthesis. Thanks to its therapeutic properties., it boosts drainage and lipolysis, reducing volume, an improving skin texture. Its Main indications include Cellulite treatment, tissue firming a push up effect and drainage.

Genesis steps into the future with Smartdrivity the intelligent Fusion of four technologies to obtain spectacular results in an effective, painless, and long-lasting manner. For maximum therapeutic response, welcome to a new era.

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